Extra Bulky Farm Yarn

$45.00 On Sale

When we shear the herd, it is shorn in three separate and distinct cuts. The first cut is known as the ‘prime’ cut. The prime is the saddle region – along the spine and down the ribs on each side. The prime is the most uniform in terms of fineness and length and is generally made into yarn for knitting and/or made into garments. The second cut is known as ‘seconds’ or ‘neck & leg’ because it comes from that area of the animal. Through very selective breeding, sometimes portions of the seconds are fairly comparable to the prime cut. These types of seconds can be processed in variety of ways – from batting to roving for hand spinning. At the homestead, our seconds are used to produce this extra bulky farm yarn. The fiber is prepared similarly to our fine hand knitting yarns, but when it is spun, it is spun very thick over a cotton cord. Our extra bulky yarn can be woven and hand knit into rugs, heavy duty throws or even chunky cowls.

We offer them in 50 and 100 yard bumps in a variety of natural undyed color combinations.
50 yard = $50
100 yard = $75


  • 50 yard - dark brown variegated
  • 50 yard - bay black
  • 50 yard - light brown
  • 50 yard - fawn
  • 50 yard - white
  • 25 yard - dark brown variegated
  • 44 yard - light brown
  • 68 yard - fawn
  • 100 yard - brown varigated
  • 100 yard - grey