Spit and Splotches happen!


Naturally dyeing is an art and a science... and I don't science well!

I was experimenting with Woad (Isatis tinctoria) which yields a beautiful blue similar to indigo. But it requires a bit of chemistry, precision and patience - things we are still learning on the farm. Let's just say, I went down the wrong road with the woad! After a few hours of dyeing, my efforts produced a faint blue with a couple dark blue splotches in random places! Kind of a drag! But as we say on the 'stead - spit happens! Apparently, splotches do, too! Since the hats themselves are still totally fine and usable, I overdyed them with other plants and flowers - which helped quite a lot but the splotches still remain. We're offering a 'dyer's discount' on these one-of-a-kind mistakes!

85% OHA suri alpaca 15% American merino

About the style –
Our watch cap is a variation of the classic cap, and includes a longer ribbed brim. Thin and lightweight, you will be surprised how insulating this hat is, it’ll provide the perfect layer of warmth in both fall and winter. The styling is relaxed and loose to provide that perfect slouchy effect. The long ribbed brim can be worn flat, or folded to shorten the length of the slouch.

The story of this garment –
In the spring, before the hot Eastern Washington summer arrives, we have our annual harvest. Our annual shearing is a full day of work, where each member of our herd has their fleece safely shorn off. Because our alpaca enjoy rolling around in the pastures, each fleece is then carefully inspected and skirted to remove any debris or hay. After it is cleaned up and sorted, it takes a quick trip 90 mile trip to the Yakima Valley were an artisan fiber mill processes it into a very fine 2-ply yarn. After the fiber is spun into yarn, it takes another quick trip to the Tri-Cities where a small batch machine knitting operation creates each garment using a high speed seamless knitting machine. Each garment then returns to the farm to be hand dyed using plants and flowers that were also grown on the homestead. Start to finish, each garment takes minimally a year and a half to come to fruition. Produced entirely within 100 miles of the homestead and naturally dyed, our garments have an eco-friendly footprint you can get behind. Each purchase supports American agriculture and manufacturing – wear it proudly!


  • Marigold - brim splotch
  • Marigold - body splotch
  • Cosmos - body splotch
  • Madder Root - brim & body splotch