Woven Throw

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Beautiful, exquisite, heirloom quality throws that's are designed and meant to be used! Take one along on a road trip for an extra layer of homegrown warmth. Wrap up in one while reading a book on the porch on a brisk fall day. Snuggle under one with a sweetheart while relaxing on the couch. Enjoy it. Love it. Use it.

We have two colors to offer this year. The brown throws are made from a blend of Demi Dammrose, Scout and Santana’s 2017 fleece. The bay black throws are a blend of Indy and Blue Moon's 2017 fleece. Each throw measures approximately 48” by 70” with tasseled fringe and weighs about 3 lbs.

A little background on this throw –
These throws aren’t made from synthetic, petroleum-based fibers. They aren’t manufactured overseas by laborers in poor working conditions who aren’t paid a fair wage. Manufacturing these throws didn't require the consumption of thousands of gallons of water, and they aren’t dyed with toxic chemicals that ultimately pollute sensitive ecosystems and waterways. And most importantly, they aren't throws that will "cost" you $29.99, and will only last you for one season before falling apart and ending up in a landfill.

Instead, these throws are made from all natural fiber, grown right on our farm in Walla Walla, Washington. Each member of our herd spends an entire year growing their fiber. In the spring, before the hot Eastern Washington summer arrives, we have our annual fiber harvest. It is a full day of work and takes many hands to safely shear each alpaca. Because they enjoy rolling around in the pastures during the year, after each fleece is shorn it is then carefully inspected and skirted to remove any debris or hay. After skirting is complete, we deliver it to an artisan fiber mill in the Yakima Valley about 90 miles from the farm. Our entire fiber harvest will spend several months at the mill being washed, picked and carded before being spun into a fine, uniform yarn. With the finished yarn, the mill hand warps their mechanical loom which speedily weaves each throw. After the entire batch is finished, each one is removed from the loom and then hand tied and finished.

Each step in the process – from growing, milling and weaving – happened right here in the USA! Your purchase supports American agriculture and the resurgence of domestic manufacturing. Your purchase also supports numerous other local independent small American business - like our neighboring farmers who grew the herd’s winter hay … the one-woman design shop that created our logo … the staff of veterinarians and technicians who helped keep the herd healthy … the local print shop who printed our marketing materials … the feed shop who kept us stocked with all kinds of miscellaneous supplies … the well repairman that kept our water clean, safe and available ... just to name a few. These are local independent small businesses who are run by real life people and families that live, work and shop right in our community. It doesn't get more American made than that!